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Garbhadhan Sanskar (Pre-conceive Programme )

Garbhadhan Sanskar sanskar is performed from preconception to the time of conception. The Garbhadhan sanskar is done to overcome any defect in the ovum and foetus to purify the womb. The inappropriate beeja is the cause of 90% of abortions or miscarriages.

Ayurveda considers begetting a child equivalent to planting a tree, for which we need four essential conditions-seed, field (soil), time and nourishment. Therefore, the plan starts three months prior to the day of union of the husband and wife. This pre-planning step involves purification of body, purification of sperms and ovum, herbal formulation, yoga, special diet, special mantra chanting, strengthening and preparing of their bodies, minds and souls using herbs, Panchakarma therapies and lifestyle practices so that they become capable of nurturing the seed in the near future.

Statistics shows that there are many early pregnancy failures, premature ovarian failures and miscarriages in spite of all prior medical tests performed on parents showing normal. Ayurveda attributes the reason for such failures to bearing seeds of weak potency. So, this pre-planning step pre-empts any untoward chances of such infertility induced issues.

Process of this technique should basically be started minimum 3 months or even more before conception. Although people normally contact us after conception. In that situation they should rush us as early as possible to get maximum possible benefits.

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